Pawsers Park

Where Dogs Rule!

At Pawsers Park, we give your dog the royal treatment they deserve. Discover our range of services designed to keep your dog happy, healthy and entertained.


Our dog boarding facility is like a luxury resort for your furry friend. We provide comfy beds, plenty of playtime, and lots of love and attention. Ready to book a stay for your pup?


Let your dog spend the day playing with friends, exploring our secure play areas, and enjoying plenty of cuddles from our team. Want your dog to join the fun?


Our skilled groomers offer everything from a simple bath to a full groom and spa treatments. Want your dog to look and feel their best?


Our professional trainers are here to help your dog learn manners, tricks, and good behavior. Ready for your pup to become a model citizen?

Pawsers Cattery

A Haven for Cats

At Pawsers Cattery, we offer a peaceful and comfortable environment for your cat. Our cat boarding service ensures your feline friend is well-cared for when you're away.

Pawsers Pet Care Dog and Cat Boarding, Training, Daycare, Grooming.


Our cat boarding service is designed with your cat's comfort in mind. We provide cozy nooks, lots of playtime, and plenty of love and attention. Ready to reserve a spot for your cat?

At Pawsers, we treat your pets like our own. Trust us with your pet care needs, and we promise to deliver a service that exceeds your expectations. Take the first step to give your pet the care they deserve.

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